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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

ynthia Woodelston Pratt stepped out of her front door, the sun shimmering along the sassy golden locks of her long blonde hair which hung halfway down her back. She had solient green eyes and a cute button nose, and lips shaded to pastel pink by a generous swipe of lipstick, She was comfortably clothed in a pink polo top. Her delightful bottom was sheathed in tight cut-off jeans, faded, their bottom edges across her thighs frayed into white fluff. On her feet, very casual light brown Doc Martins. She was an American girl, just out for a day's shopping at Target or Foot Locker or even the Gap, and then maybe an afternoon movie.

She waved to her friend, Bluebird McGale Scrimshaw, a plucky brunette with sky blue eyes and hair that brushed the shoulders of her white golf shirt...

You can see what I'm getting at. And I'm not exaggerating. A lot of erotica starts off with character description.

Windy character description.

Erotic or otherwise, character description is an overdone effort by most authors. Look, you might have this perfect image of your heroine, but really, you don't get any points if your readers imagine the same thing you do. I've read one author's point that description is the act of pulling toggles in the reader's brain, with the goal being to pull the minimum number to get the point across. Let the reader fill in the rest. Unless its critical, they only need a loose idea of what your characters look like, and even less about their clothing.

You know; like this...

Cynthia traipsed down the front steps, her casual clothing a match for the casual day planned. Brushing her golden hair from her cheery green eyes, she tossed a wave to her best friend Bluebird, a fun-loving brunette who always got Cynthia into the most remarkable sexual escapades...

If you need any further proof, let me mention that my more artistic readers have sent in drawings to my alternative site of the main character of one of my more successful series.

And she's different in each picture.

And that's fine.

They all love their own version of her.


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0 #1 Greg Wells 2014-09-04 11:21
Character description? Not in my Webster's :-* That my 'he surged valiantly into rain sodden gale winds on his maroon, carbon framed, 10-speed trusty charger, trying in vain to keep his tortoise frame glasses free of blurring moisture, sweating profusely in his day-glo orange, waterproof bike commuter coveralls; heading once again to his beloved cubicle at FedEx...' friend is a 'character APPEARANCE description'; Very important in EFFECTIVE (for men anyway) erotica scribbles (not as so in 'good' erotic fiction, character 'development' CAN BE IMPORTANT there); Have I hinted at my point here? I DO, though want to read MORE about ANY Cynthia/Bluebird 'escapades', ESPECIALLY if they are sexual in nature (i.e. is OK to have a FEW strewn in (but DON'T overdo); Tell me 'in good prose terms' EXACTLY (details important!) what they to/with each other (if I voyeuring) or to/with ME (if I part of)...that's erotica authorship; pedestrian porn 'omits the good prose terms'; All this: IMHO only.
0 #2 admin 2014-09-04 19:27
Hey, nobody wants to get to the quick with MY sexual adventures (especially those I had on the bike) (like that time the seat came off). But if you are reading it (and worse, paying for it) you don't want a lot of descriptive drag.

Maybe I'll finish up that silly story sometime. :D
0 #3 Lowell 2014-09-14 15:07
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0 #4 admin 2014-09-16 07:51
Okay, the above is pretty much an ad, but it's a relivent ad so I'll let it stand. Honestly, some curious things out there. Goodness, the technologies involved... :)

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