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Sunday, 27 December 2015 19:51

ast day and then I can get back to my crazy work and life.

Rainy all day, but just drizzly in the morning, which was good – went out to the Muir Woods (with all those majestic redwoods). JB and I did the long trail and I was gratified to see her keeping up (even in the parts that were flooded or muddy). I hid under my umbrella and she her hood and we got through everything just fine.

The ride back (combine a massive passenger van, twisting mountain roads, driving rain, fog, dragons, whatever) was a nail biter. We finally got into Sausalito in a driving monsoon. The first place we tried for was takeaway – not a good idea for today. Then, finally, a pretentious burger joint (your slider comes with salad, not fries) (what!?!). A long island iced tea drink really took the edge off things. After that, a ride over the Soaken Gate Bridge, home and a long rainy-afternoon nap.

Tonight was the final dinner, a tie-wearer at the Cliff House, where sunsets are rumored to be amazing (we were under IFR rules I’m afraid). Dinner was great, I enjoyed the interesting table conversations, and it was up-town enough that everyone kept their damn iPuds in their pockets.

So now we’re done. Tomorrow I’ll be home (late tomorrow, and work comes early!). But it was a great trip funded by a great mom. Thanks!


Photo Credit: My own Mom shot me in the back!

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