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Sunday, 26 May 2013 00:00

I've mentioned this book-elf before, a dynamic reader, writer, and good friend Lynn Perry. She's penned (or is that key-boarded) another good review, this time for a Nora Roberts story. Enjoy!


Well, if you think Ms Roberts authors books aimed mostly about and for women, think again. 

Whiskey Beach delves deeply into  life of Eli Landon, a Boston criminal attorney accused of killing his wife in a fit of jealous rage.

Though there is not enough evidence to convict Mr. Landon, there are those that believe he committed the murder and got away with it.  Although judged innocent of the crime in the court of law; the media, private investigators, his dead wife’s parents and even cops with anger issues continue to pursue and harass Landon.  Making his life a living hell.

Depressed, defeated and an emotional mess, Eli heads for Whiskey Beach, to stay in the home of his grandmother, in hopes of finding some peace.  Although, the quiet beach community offers a portion of his return to a normal life, the tragedy he left in Boston soon follows him.  Once again the police, the press, and the accusations threaten to crush the thin margin of sanity to which he clings.

What would you do if accused and persecuted for a horrible crime that you did not commit?

How would you cope?

Come to Ms. Roberts Whiskey Beach and find out.

Murder, mystery, family and friends with a little sex thrown in meld this novel into one of Robert’s best.

In the reviews: Whiskey Beach racks up 5 STARS and is listed on Florida Today’s Best Seller list


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