299 Days : The Preparation (Review)

299 Days : The Preparation (Review)

So, to its credit, 299 days made me think. At its core, it’s a book about independent preppers who get ready for our country’s coming collapse with guns, food, guns, a bolt-hole, guns, like-minded friends, and guns. So, am I going to get a dozen guns, a prepped hiding place and enough food for a year? No. But I am looking at my total lack of preparation and reconsidering that. I think my wife and I will organize bolt-bags (gym bags with a few pairs of clothes, critical medicines and copies of important paperwork). We made it through the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie and that wasn’t anything compared to a real disaster. I think I’ve heard it said that, statistically, every human on earth lives through one huge global/political/societal/local upheaval in their lives. Best to be ready to go, I suppose.

As for the book’s negatives? I’ll be brief: two points…

1)      Show, Don’t Tell – If you are going to tell a story, describe scenes and identify characters their dialog and actions. Don’t just say, “He grew up in rural poverty” or “The attorney was a weasel”. Don’t tell me that the main character and his wife had another fight. Put in the dialog. Put in the color. Otherwise it’s like second-hand news. Dull.

2)      Don’t insult your readers – Here’s a gem…

This demonstrated to Grant that the left-wing people running everything [sic] were intolerant bullies [sic] who had some deep hatred [sic] of people like Bill and Grant.

So as a lefty, why am I supposed to keep reading? Calling your casual readers (i.e. the un-prepped) “dumbasses”, “grasshoppers” and “sheeple” doesn’t’t make me want to hunker in your bunker, you know? It was like a parade of straw men, dull and endless.

Not my sort of book. And not recommended.