What follows is my full list of reviews, with links. You might not find every book published by man here, but damn, there’s a lot of them.


Accelerando (Review)

A Clash of Kings (Review)

Across the River and into the Trees (Review)

Affair in Araby (Review)

After London; or, Wild England (Review)

The Aftermath (Review)

After the Golden Age (Review)

Airborn (Review)

Aircraft of World War 1 (Review)

Algorithms to Live By (Review)

Alive Day (Review)

All You Need Is Kill (Review)

Altered Carbon (Review)

Amanda Todd: The Friend of Cats (Review)

And all the Earth is a Grave (Review)

American Flagg (Review)

Anne of Green Gables (Guest Review)

Another Brick in the Moon (Review)

The Aquariums of Pyongyang (Review)

Arabella of Mars (Review)

Ark (Review)

Artemis (Review)

As easy as A.B.C. (Review)

The Ashtabula Diaster (Review)

Astounding Stories July 1931 (Review)

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Review)

Atlas of the Moon (Review)


Babylon’s Ashes (Review)

Bad Monkey (Review)

A Bad Season for Necromancy (Review)

Bartleby, The Scrivener (Review)

Battle-Chasers (Review)

Beachhead (Review)

Beginning Go (Review)

Biketopia (Review)

Bicycle Diaries (Review)

The Big Over Easy (Review)

The Black Cloud (Review)

The Blank Shot (Review)

The Blockade Runners (review)

Bluff (Guest review)

Book of Daniel (Review)

A Borrowed Man (Review)

Bowl of Heaven (Review)

A Boy and his Tank (Review)

The Brick Moon (Review)


Cæsar’s Column (Review)

Caliban’s War (Review)

Candide (Review)

Cannibal Reign (Review)

The Carnivore (Review)

The Cartels Jungle (Review)

Casca (Review)

Casca, the Outlaw (Review)

The Case for Christ (Review)

The Cassandra Project (Review)

Cibola Burn (Review)

Casino Royale (Review)

Cat Crimes I (review)

This Census-Taker (Review)

Chasing Fire (guest review)

The City & The City (Review)

City of Widows (review)

Clash of Eagles (Review)

Closer (Review)

Cloud Atlas (Review)

The Club Dumas (Review)

Coal Railroading (Review)

The coming of the Martians (Review)

A Compendium of Model Railroad Operations (Review)

The Complete E.C. Segar Popeye (Review)

Concrete Island (Review)

Cool Japan Guide (Review)

Contact (Review)

The Count of Monte Cristo (review)

CultureSmart!India (Review)

The Custodian (Review)


Damnificados (Review)

A Dance of Dragons (Review)

Dark Matter (Review)

The Darkling Plain (Review)

The Day of the Star Cities (Review)

Days of Infamy (Review)

The Days Work (partial review)

Dead Man’s Chest (Review)

Deception Point (Review)

The Decision Book (Review)

Derailed (Review)

The Diary of a Young Girl (Review)

Dick Trevanion (Review)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Review)

A Doctor at Calvary (review)

The Dog Who Could Fly (Review)

Don Quixote (Book 1) (Review)

Don Quixote (Book 2) (Review)

Doom of London (Review)

A Dove against Death (Review)

Down these strange streets (Review)

A Dream of Armegeddon (Review)


Earth Winter (Review)

East of Eden (Guest Review)

The Edge of the Knife (Review)

The Egyptologist (Review)

Eidolon: The Thousand Year Ghost (Review)

Embassytown (Review)

Embedded (Review

Empire (Review)

The End (Review)

End of the Beginning (Review)

The End of the Empire (Review)

End of Watch (Review)

Enemies (Review)

The Enlightened Cyclist (Review)

Escape from Heaven (Review)

Eternity Road (Review)

Existence (Review)

Exodus (review)

Extraction Request (Review)

The Eyre Affair (Review)


Falcon (review)

Fall of Giants / Winter of the World (Guest review)

The Fantastic World War II (Review)

A feast for Crows (Review)

The Fencing Master (Review)

15 Views of Orlando (Review)

The 5th Wave (review)

A fight with a cannon (review)

Fighter Pilot (Review)

Fire and Bronze (Review)

First Love (Review)

Flashman (Review)

Flashman (Series Review)

Floor Games (Review)

Fly by Night (Review)

Flying Dutch (Review)

Flying to Valhalla (Review)

Following the Equator (Review)

Fondly Fahrenheit (Review)

Footprints of Thunder (Review)

40 Days with Jesus (Review)

Frankenstein (review)

Frank Reade (Review)

Free 5 (Review)

The Further Adventures of Captain Gregory Dangerfield (Review)

Fuzzy Nation (Guest Review)


The Game of Rat and Dragon (Review)

Game of Thrones (Review)

Gelato Parlour (Review)

Genesis (review)

Genius without Education (Review)

Get out of our Skies (Review)

The Girl on the Train (Review)

The Glass Hammer (Review)

Go for Beginners (Review)

Go Fundamentals (Review)

God’s Not Dead (Review)

Gods of War (Review)

Good Luck, Yukikaze (Review)

Good Omens (Review)

Goshawk Squadron (Review)

The Gossage—Vardebedian Papers (Review)

Green Eggs and Ham (Review)

Great Pirate Stories (Review)

The Great Time Machine Hoax (Review)

Great World Religions – Hinduism (review)

Grunts (Review)

The Gum Thief (Review)

The Gun (Review)

Guns, Germs, and Steel (Review)

Gyo (Review)


He gave me Barn Cats (Review)

Hello Universe

The Helmsman (Review)

Hiero’s Journey (Review)

The Historian (Review)

History of the Persian Empire (Review)

The Hollywood History of the World (Review)

Homeward Bound (Review)

The House in the Borderland (Review)

How to be happy (DOG EAR)

Hunter’s Run (Review)


I Am Legend (Review)

I Call Bullshit (Review)

The Immortal (Review

In the Orbit of Saturn (Review)

Industrial Revolution (Review)

Infected (Review)

Infernal Devices (Review)

In the City of Bikes (Review)

In the days of the comet (Review)

Infinite Jest (Review)

Interpreter of Maladies (Review)

Invasion (Review)

Inverted World (Review)

Iron Sunrise (review)


The Johnstown Flood (Review)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Review)

Journey to the Past (Review)

The Jungle Book (Review)


Kara Kush (Review)

The Keeper (Review)

The Kill List (Review)

King Rat (Review)

Krakatoa (Review)


The Last American (Review)

The Last Days of Magic (Review)

Learned Optimism (Review)

Leiningen versus the Ants (Review)

Leviathan Wakes (Review)

Liftport (Review)

Lincoln the Unknown (Review)

The Little Paris Bookshop (Review)

Little Wars (Audio Review)

Live Free or Die (review)

The Lives of Tao (Review)

A Lodging for the Night (Review)

London Under (Review)

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Review)

The Long Earth (Review)

Looking Backwards (Review)

Lord Foul’s Bane (Review)

Lords of the Stratosphere (Review)

The Lost City of the Templars (Review)

The Lost City of Z (Review)

Louis XIV-A Royal Life (Review)

Louise de la Valliere (Review)

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces (Review)


The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF (Review)

A Man called Ove (Review)

The Man in the High Castle (Review)

The Man in the Iron Mask (Review)

A Man Without A Country (Review)

Mark Twain for Cat Lovers (Review)

Manufacturing Consent (Review)

The Marquis of Carabas (Review)

Martin Citywit (Review)

The Martian (Review)

The Massacre of Mankind (Review)

Metagame (review)

Micro (Review)

The Mirror (Review)

Mirror to the Sky (Review)

The Misplaced Battleship (Review)

Mr. Mercedes (Review)

Moby Dick (Review)

Moby Dick – a counterpoint (Guest Review)

Moonfleet (Review)

Mortal Engines (Review)

MS Found in a Bottle (Review)

Murat (Celebrated Crimes) (Review)

My Brother’s Keeper (Review)

My Tank is Fight (Review)


The Name of the Wind (Review)

Nausicaa (Review)

Nemesis Games (Review)

The Neptune Strategy (Review)

Never, Never, Times Three Never (Review)

Neverwhere (Review)

New Jules Verne Adventures (Review)

The New World (Review)

New York 2140 (Review)

The Night Circus (Guest Review)

Night Flights (Review)

19 East, Copy Three (Review)

No Country for Old Men (Review)

No Other Gods (Review)

North to the Rails (Review)

Northwest Passage (Review)


The Odyssey (Review)

On Desperate Ground (Review)

One of Clive’s Heroes (Review)

The Orion Nebula (Review)

Out of the Silent Planet (Review)

Out of their Minds (Review)

Out on a comet (Review)


Pandemonium (Review)

Pandemonium: Smoke (Review)

Paradox Alley (Review)

Pennsylvania Railroad Facilities – Volume 9 (Review)

Pennsylvania Railroad Facilities – Volume 10 (Review)

Patriots (Review)

A People’s History of the United States (Review)

Perdido Street Station (Review)

Persepolis Rising (Review)

Phantom (Review)

Piece of Cake (Review)

Pillars of the Earth (Review)

Pines (Guest Review)

Pipers (Review)

The Point of Honor (Review)

The Powder Monkey (Review)

Powers of the Earth (Review)

Predator’s Gold (Review)

Pygmy (Review)


Quicksilver (Review)


The Race for God (Review)

Raiders of the Universes (Review)

RailSea (Review)

Raising Steam (Review)

The Ragged Astronauts (review)

Razor Girl (Review)

Ready Player One (Review)

The Real Story – Series (Review)

Reamde (Review)

Red Hill (Review)

Red Limit Freeway (Review)

The Red Room (Review)

The Regulators (Review)

The Republic (Review)

Rikki-tikki-tavi (Review)

The Riddle of the Sands (Review)

River of Doubt (Review)

Rivers of grass (Review)

Roasting Robert Raymond (Review)


Salammbo (Review)

The San Diego and Arizona Railway (Review)

Scaramouche (Review)

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Guest Review)

The Sea Witch (Review)

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (Review)

The Search for Fierra (Review)

The Second-Class Passenger (Review)

The Serene Invasion (Review)

SevenEves (Review)

The Shack (Review)

Shades of Grey (Review)

The Shame of Motley (Review)

The Shelter (Review)

The Siege of Dome (Review)

Singularity Sky (Review)

The Sirens of Titan (Review)

Sketches Old and New (Review)

The Sky Lords (Review)

Skybreaker (Review)

The Slow Regard of Silent Things (Review)

Snow Crash (review)

Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas (Review)

Some Remarks (Review)

…Something I Could Quit (Review)

The Somme (Review)

Space Boy (Review)

Specters Anonymous (Review)

Stardust (Review)

Starrigger (Review)

Stars, Won’t You Hide Me (Review)

Starwolf (Review)

Steampunk (review)

The Stolen Village (Review)

Stone Lake (Review)

Stories of the Sea (Review)

The Story of the Treasure Seekers (Audio Review)

A Storm of Swords (Review)

Suffer the Children (Review)

In Sunlight and in Shadow (Guest Review)

The Swarm (Review)


Tanks (Review)

A Temporary Matter (Review)

The Ten Thousand (Review)

Ten Years Later (Review)

The Tenth Planet (Review)

Terminal (Review)

The Thin Man (Review)

Three Moments of an Explosion (Review)

The Three Musketeers (Review)

The 13th Star (Review)

The Thirteenth Tale (Review)

Thy Kingdom Come (Review)

Tiamat’s Wrath (Review)

Tigana (Review)

The Time Traveler’s Wife (Review)

Tom Jones (Review)

Toomai of the Elephants (Review)

Trail of McAllister (Review)

The Trampling of the Lilies (Review)

The Travelling Cat Chronicles (Review)

Treasure Island (Review)

The Three-Body Problem (Review)

Tricky Business (Review)

Troy (Review)

2BR02B (review)

To have and have not (Review)

Transmetropolitan (Review)

Trapped (Review)

Trees of Change (Review)

Tubitz and Mergenstein (Review)

12 Years a Slave (Guest Review)

Twenty Years After (Review)

Two-for (two Reviews)

299 Days : The Preparation (Review)

Two short scifis (Review)

Tyrannosaur Canyon (Review)

Tyre (Review)


Under Enemy Colors (Review)

United States of Japan (Review)

The U.P. Trail (Review)

Utah Blaine (Review)


Velocity Weapon (Review)

Venus of Dreams (Review)

The Vicomte of Bragelonne (review)


The Wanderer (Review)

War & Space (Review)

War Dogs (Review)

The War in the Air (Review)

War of the Worlds (review)

War of the Worlds, plus Blood, Guts and Zombies (Review)

The war that killed Achilles (Review)

War World (Review)

A Watch-dog of the North Sea (Review)

Watership Down (Review)

We Have Always Lived on Mars (Review)

What Money Can’t Buy (Review)

Whiskey Beach (Guest Review)

White Wing (Review)

The Wheels of Chance (Review)

Why the Allies won (Review)

Wild Time (Review)

Winchester Law (Review)

The Wise Man’s Fear (Review)

Wish for a Gun (Review)

With the Night Mail (review)

The World House (review)

The World Set Free (Review)

The Wrecker (Review)

The Wreck of the Titan (Review)

Wool (the Silo Saga) (Guest Review)



Yowamushi Pedal (1-3) (Review)

Yukikaze (Review)


Zombie Apocalypse! (Review)




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