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Early ReTyrement

Think about it – what if you found yourself in 300BC. What would you know what to do that would make you rich and famous? Watch as Mason Trellis outwits Phoenican traders, Persian nobles, and Alexander the Great to win success (and the heroine, too!).

Early Retyrement by Robert Raymond

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Fire and Bronze

Clever princesses, desperate battles, plots and counterplots, and the birth of an empire, all in 820BC. The Agent’s Gate page has a fuller description and a sample chapter. Or you can get the full epic below.

Fire and Bronze by Robert Raymond
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Don’t Jettison Medicine

Not all doctors can be Marcus Welby. To those with crushing time burdens, out-of-control practices, filled waiting rooms, and a bleak existence, what can they do? This book has all the answers, and 30 fun exercises will give them to you. Works for nurses and medical office managers, too! It’s even fun just to read! Get it at the link below!

Sadly, this book is no longer in print. Pity.