Matrix places (links)
The following sites are places that mean a lot to me on the World Wide Webbie. Click through and have a look – it’s the undiscovered country!


A game created by me (always updating) which puts you under the streets of modern London, in its tube lines, buried rivers and forgotten passageways. Can you achieve your mission and return to the surface? And even if you do, every game is different!

Grid Sims Gaming

A game site put together by Jesse Markowitz and myself – free games written using Excel! The top of the line – Solar Trader! Can you navigate your leaky cobbled-together starship across 14 missions taking you across our solar system? Includes Pluto!

Orlando N-Trak

This is my train club, a great place to work and play. I’ve been a member for over twenty years now. We have our own clubhouse, we have two big layouts, and we run ops once a month. Come by and say hi sometime.

My layout at home

This comes off the club site, but I’m proud enough to give it its own link. Don’t ask what I was talking about on that video. Nasty!


My daft doctor sister’s site, whom I write for (and whom produced by first book, “Don’t Jettison Medicine” (if you are going to buy a copy, get it here. She dosn’t need the money)). Anyway, she’s a swell gal with a big brain, and she goes into places that would scare the willies out of me. Have a look!

Bikes And…

The podcast I did with Ben Lockett about bikes and commuting. It was a real blast to do, and didn’t come out half-bad. If you have some time, poke around in his wonderful interview (after listening to mine, of course!)

Bicycle to Work

A little bio piece I wrote for a site interested in people who bike to work. Really had a fun time putting this together. And check the rest of the site out – it’s worth your time!