Matrix places (links)
The following sites are places that mean a lot to me on the World Wide Webbie. Click through and have a look – it’s the undiscovered country!


Orlando N-Trak

This is my train club, a great place to work and play. I’ve been a member for over twenty years now. We have our own clubhouse, we have two big layouts, and we run ops once a month. Come by and say hi sometime.


My layout at home

This comes off the club site, but I’m proud enough to give it its own link. Don’t ask what I was talking about on that video. Nasty!


Your Health Choice

My daft doctor sister’s site, whom I write for (and whom produced by first book, “Don’t Jettison Medicine” (if you are going to buy a copy, get it here. She dosn’t need the money)). Anyway, she’s a swell gal with a big brain, and she goes into places that would scare the willies out of me. Have a look!


Bikes And…

The podcast I did with Ben Lockett about bikes and commuting. It was a real blast to do, and didn’t come out half-bad. If you have some time, poke around in his wonderful interview (after listening to mine, of course!)