A Highly Unlikely Scenario (Review)

A Highly Unlikely Scenario (Review)

his is one of my puzzled reviews. Rachel Cantor’s A Highly Unlikely Scenario was an odd little read. You can figure this by the sub-title included: “A Nestsa Pixxs Employee’s Guide to saving the World”.

So Leonard is the pizza employee, and he handles call center duties in a futuristic world where fast food corporations run everything. He’s feeling a little bad about his old Jewish grandfather, whom he kinda ridiculed and chided in the last years of his life. And then, suddenly, Leonard  gets a call from someone who is in prison. The calls keeps coming in – even hanging up doesn’t stop it. And it turns out that this person might be, of all things, Marco Polo.

Leonard finds more calls coming in, from his dead grandfather as well as others from the past. Meanwhile, he’s told that a certain librarian is his destiny, that he is to have children and grandchildren from her. But of course, she really doesn’t care for him.

And then things get really, really weird.

A lot of this book relates to Jewish mysticism, a thing I’m not well-versed on. So it’s a bit confusing but I just went with it. The writing in smooth and funny and the time-traveling part (hint) very good. So yes,a guarded positive reaction from me, given the fact that I really don’t know anything about this sort of thing.

I will say this – this book was picked up at a local bookstore, having come from a local school. And while there isn’t sex openly, there is clearly things that Mom’s for Illiteracy and Florida’s dark lord would not approve of. So yes, another book tossed out of the system because of hypocritical witch burners. And no, it’s not that the book was not checked out – there were a bunch of check out stamps in the back (in the old library paper pocket). So, yes, fuck DeSantis.

So there you go – I’ll probably drop this back at the used bookstore so someone else can read it before it gets burned.