A new arangement!

A new arangement!

I‘ve been thinking about this for a while. The Book and Writing blogs are what this site is about – it’s what I think a lot of the writers I’ve met and corresponded with are most interested in. Well, before I formalized the postings about writing, it used to show up in the general blog. Once I formalized it, I marked it “Dog Ear” and moved it in with the book reviews.

There are people interested in reading.

There are people interested in writing.

But not all readers are writers and vice-versa.

After some consideration, I’ve decided to break the writing blog out into its own menu, “In the ink well”. This is where Dog Ear will post every Thursday.

And book reviews, they’ll be in their same place every Sunday.

To keep the clutter down, I decided to retire the movie blog. I really wasn’t updating it much and it was just a distraction on the site. But model railroading and bicycling are still my passions and I’ll keep them up, feeding irregular postings through them.

So, as it says on the front page – Writing Advice every Thursday, Book Reviews every Sunday!