A new begining

A new begining

So, welcome again.

I decided to kick off this new website. The decision came one night in San Diego (to run trains – a story for another day). I was reading “Waiter Rant”, a book (a very plain book) written by a waiter who was “discovered” by someone tripping over his blog. Funny, but I remember going to bed that night, wondering why the hell everyone else get’s breaks.

At 2am, I woke up in my hotel room and realized that my current (ha! Current? Five years out of date) web site was as cold as day-old oatmeal. I decided, then and there, to start my own blog/website which would showcase my efforts and put my name out there.

Will this work? Hard to say. I suspect I’ll put a lot of effort into this and just not get found. But who knows. Eagles (a computer game I wrote in 1983) was bought up on a fluke. Fire and Bronze was noticed at the right time by the right agent. So, like all those starlets in 1940’s Hollywood, I’ll keep working the deli in hopes someone spots me.

So, lets post this up and see how the blog works.