A new beginning (DOG EAR)

A new beginning (DOG EAR)

ou might have noticed (please, someone notice) that my site has been pretty quiet as of late. The reason for this was my www-based ancient Joomla webpage had been hacked (again).

It first came to my attention when the astronomy site booted off one of my blogs, claiming I had malware. But then my wife chirped up, saying she’d seen it too. Maybe you did – the whole survey results thing you’d first click through via my links? Once I mentioned this, everyone I knew said, “Yes, I thought that was something you did.”

Please, I’d rather mug you with a lead pipe then redirect you to some survey site.

Or I would have. But I was doing just that, it seemed.

My sister suggested Fiverr to find people to do the work of converting my site to a more solid WordPress effort. Putting out the bid, I selected “sunilchaudhari” (not his real name, but that’s the name he does business under). He’s Indian, and in India (which seems natural). Also, I believe he’s got others working with him – I don’t mind subcontracting. So they did a super job, getting the same look and feel as the old site but making it a lot cleaner. Oh, I’ve got some changes ahead for it.

But I’m happy to be back (and a little worried about positing this, first time, on WordPress). But if you end up reading this, it means I must have worked it out.

More to come. Much more.