A nice review-review (DOG EAR)

A nice review-review (DOG EAR)

while ago I read a delightful short story from a collection from a going-out-of-business and lamented-over publisher. The story was Gelato Parlour, and was a very quirky story about a gentleman of adventure. You can read the review HERE.

So that was a while ago. But the other day I received a very nice email from the author, Rose Biggin, telling me how much she appreciated my review (the one thing about reading quirky short stories from other people – you might be their only review and she implies I was). But I had been enthusiastically supportive of her story (because it was that good). And for any struggling writer, any review is a good review but a good review is a great review.

In fact, her letter served two purposes – she also mentioned she had another book coming out, Wild Time, which is billed as a punk reversion of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Yeah, you might think of this as a crass way to drum up publicity for a book but I think of it as a friend letting another friend know about an work of labor and love now available. I’ve picked up a copy and soon as I finish Contact, I’ll give it a read and review it here. If you’d like to beat me to the punch, you can buy it HERE.

Writing is a tough racket, one that broke my spirit in ways (I still enjoy writing, but I’ve given up chasing the publishing pony until other interests allow for time). And I’m supportive of good writing which is why I’m giving Rose a nod here. I think you should check her out (mind, I’m giving it an advance-unread-endorsement here). I’ll have a review up, probably next month (October-ish).

And thanks to Rose for giving my review such a nice review!