A Small Colonial War (Review)

A Small Colonial War (Review)

o you’ll remember how in A Savage War of Peace, the Nation of India grabbed up the world of Vesy and forced the Great Powers out. Well, this book involves the second part of their plans. Moving their fleet (and two carriers quickly), they seize two British colonies and stall on the diplomatic front. Yes, where Warspite II mimicked the English conquest of India, Warpspite III is the Falklands War.

The Warspite joins the force to take back one of the two colonies, it being thought that a short and decisive naval battle will end this thing. But the Indians have been building ships – while they don’t have nearly as many as the British, theirs are newer. And also, unbeknownst to the attackers, the Indians have positioned railguns all around the colony moon’s surface. But unbeknownst to the Indians, the English have gotten an SAS team down onto the surface and the cat’s out of the bag, railgun-wise.

The book is interesting in that it looks at naval warfare, technological advancement and force mixtures. All the while the two nationals are lining up for their battle, the wonder is how it will play out? Whose technology is best?

There is rip-roaring space conflict, weapon-mixes contrasting in the starry void, ground invasions, counter-battery fire, all the excitement you could hope for, from the foxhole to the halls of power. Great read and, as with the other books of the Ark Royal line, strongly recommended!