Alas, Blogtorium II (DOG EAR)

Alas, Blogtorium II (DOG EAR)

o, last week I mentioned the week I was down for a crash. That was in November. So where was my site since then?

Well, I’d mentioned my vow, how I would run official backups through GoDaddy (and not these self-launched efforts I’d been laboring with). I called them and signed up for the program. No problems. The tech checked my site and said it would be fine (refer to the blog before this on how fine “fine” can be). The next day I logged into GoDaddy and checked my backups.

They’d crashed.

Back on tech support, it turns out my databases were some-sort-of-way, but needed to be other-sort-of-way (ever seen Jen listen to tech-talking on the IT Crowd? Yeah, static noise). So they opened a case against it on Nov 18th to move my databases over. Got an email and all that – “we’re still working on it.”

Time passed, with a birthday (60th) and hernia surgery (I can now very convincingly write the POV of a gut-shot cowboy – I’ve had the experience). No message from the front. Nothing from GoDaddy.

When I felt up to it, I called them – three weeks after the initial effort. I was told that the email had bounced off my server and not gone through (hmmmm. Sounds like maybe you should have a way of checking that before closing my case). Anyway, the tech guy I talked to was nice. He looked at what they wanted me to do (further) and said it would take him five minutes to do (as opposed to all day for me). And he did it. The backups went in.

So we’ll check again tonight (just to be sure). And then I’ll run the first part of this DOG EAR chain Thursday. Assuming you are reading this, I must be up.

Eventually, a month and $200 later, we’re back up.

Five more years of inanities, coming up!