All You Need Is Kill (Review)

All You Need Is Kill (Review)

ou might know this one as Edge of Tomorrow. Or you might not. It was a pretty good flick (saw it last night) but, as is true with all books and movies, the book is soooo much better.

In this Japanese SciFi story, alien nanotech falls into our oceans and spawn with various creatures to make “Mimics”, starfishy things that are nearly impossible to kill and attack en-mass. All we have to fight them are battle armor, and that isn’t much good – a squad’s gotta pour on firepower to kill just one of these things. But this isn’t Keiji Kiriya’s worry right now. It’s his first battle. Staying alive will be his primary concern.

But, then again, no it isn’t.

Keiji does his best but gets a hole blown through him anyway. Dying on the battlefield, a red-suited figure appears over him, a massive battleaxe over her shoulder, asking him a silly question about Japanese tea. It is the “Full Metal Bitch”, a fighting valkyrie who cuts massive gaps through the enemy formations with her huge axe, the pride of the American Special Forces. She stays with him as he dies, only because she wants to steal his battery.

And then, to his surprise, Keiji is back in his barracks, day of battle.

Like, WTF?

And he fights again. And dies again. Back to the barracks.

He fights a few more times and dies a few more times. Back to the barracks.

Once he just picks up a gun and blows his brains out.

Back to the barracks.

And so begins an interesting story, a Ground Hog Day / Run Lola Run maniac story where he must fight and fight and do everything perfectly to win. And I have to say – I really liked this. Never have a read a book where it really, really came across as Anime. But this one did. It was great eye-popper fiction and worth the click on the link below.

After clicking on mine, of course.


And then…