Am I in the right life?

Am I in the right life?

The city had my bike path blocked off so they could leaf-blow it. I had to detour.

A guy was stacking copper pipe on the loading dock at work, in front of the door he would shortly be using. I had to wait until he shifted his stuff to get in.

I realized the back fender had come apart and was rubbing. Had to fix it in my office, dripping sweat.

Forgot my badge when I went to the showers. Had to bang on doors (Willllmaa!) to get back in.

There was SOMEONE ELSE in the showers today! Six years of riding, and the shower room was my quiet, private place. Now I’ve got this guy leaving his washrag draped over the showerhead and his manly soap stinking up the place.

And my lava lamp bulb blew up.

Now I gotta go down and speak to the SVPs about stuff they don’t want to hear.

I’m outta my comfort zone today.