Amazing good news! (DOG EAR)

Amazing good news! (DOG EAR)

o I was at home yesterday and got a call from someone named Joel Landau on the coast. He’s a project manager for Paramount (well, technically he works for a subsidiary of theirs). But he is one of those studio guys. It seems that the someone in Paramount got a hold of a copy of Early ReTyement (God knows how), read it, loved it, and saw potential in it. Studios, he related, are trying to get crowds back with new things, trying to outplay the Netflixs of the streaming world. Early ReTyrement is just what they needed: epic, vast, amazing. It’s got funny lines, big battles, exotic settings, all that. Right now they want an option on the film rights. I’m being careful not to dive into this head-first. I gotta find an agent (one of the problems with a solo project like this book publication is you don’t have access to agents). However, with film rights in hand, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. So once I get an agent and he works out the deal with Mr. Landau, we’ll see what happens next. I don’t know the speed which these things work through the studio system. An option might languish for years and never get made into a film. Or it might be shot and in theaters in two-three years. So we’ll see.

Man, it’s a lifetime dream of mine of be on a set of a movie I wrote. Fingers crossed! I might be going to Hollywood one of these days. I’ll keep you informed via future DOG EARs.

I really needed some good news…


P.S. April Fools!