Another goof!

Another goof!

A thousand apologies to readers of my weekly Dog Ear blog.

It’s pretty easy to speak your mind aout writing when you don’t allow your listeners to talk back, isn’t it?

I’d added the Dog Ear section when I’d last cleaned up the site. Didn’t look back, and didn’t look too close, I suppose. Anyway, today I was just musing over the Yamato piece I’d posted and saw no comment info. Hmmmm. Maybe its something to do with having to be logged in. So I logged in. Still no comments. Hopped to another blog area and there were the comments. Something was wrong.

It’s been about a year or two since I added comments (its a stand-alone tool in Joomla). I’d forgotten you need to activate them. It took about a minute to find the place where you activate comments and a second to set things right.

Now you can sass me back all you want.