Bumper Stickers (DOG EAR)

Bumper Stickers (DOG EAR)

’ll admit that Facebook really brings out the worst in me.

Mostly because of you twits.

With all that’s going on in the world, all the blame, counter-blame, the alternative history; it’s like I’m Don Quixote and every idiot out there is a windmill. I’m easily baited by faulty logic, simplistic equivalencies and straw man projection. I feel the need to answer. And then I feel the need to check for the reply, so I can answer, reply, answer, and the monkey’s got his fist in the anthill hole again.

I had to drive an hour out of town to help a friend move a table (we wore masks). Really a nice day for a drive, windows open and tunes on the radio, and the tank still full of March gasoline. On the way back a car pulled up next to me with bumper stickers on every surface. Even though they were of a political position I agree with, it was just too much. I looked over the open window of my car and thought, “Really?”

And that’s Facebook in a nutshell – nothing but one-liners thought up by someone else, printed by someone else, and proudly displayed by you. All they do is antagonize whoever happens to be in line behind you. In fact, I’ve long said that bumper stickers are great – if I’m ever flying down the highway and realize I can’t stop and there is traffic ahead of me, all those cars, I’ll be reading stickers quick since I gotta wreck anyway and since I get a choice…

But that’s an aside.

As the car next to me drove on (in a noxious plume of blue smoke) it all came clear to me. Going forward, yes, I’ll still use Facebook (after all, it’s my needle of choice for injecting my blogs into the bloodstream of the social animal). But I’m no longer going to share and forward clever comments I agree with. And I’m not going to respond to flaming idiotic bullshit, no matter how morally crippled and logically appalling it is. I’m restricting myself to the thumbs-up for comments I might agree with and wish to acknowledge. But face it, I’ve known polar-opposite friends through two impeachments, two illegal wars, a housing crash, 9/11 and the plague and I’ve still not changed their minds. A picture with an unflattering image and a snip of a quote isn’t going to make a difference.

In other words, I give up on you. Pull that lever in November but for now, stop telling me what to do and I’ll reciprocate.

I hope.