Cancelled (DOG EAR)

Cancelled (DOG EAR)

o Will is locked in an alien pod, being prepped to be inserted into an alien ground war. And Katie watches as a planet bomb levels part of unshielded Seattle. Their kids are sleeping in the house of a slimy traitor (and they don’t know it). And, of course, Alan Snyder is rampaging about the halls of power, corrupting everything he touches.

And that was it.

The series ended.

This is the new danger of investing in a streaming series on one of the services. Unlike the old days when sitcoms were locked in time, the episodes interchangeable, it wasn’t a problem. But now that there is a storyline and arc, it comes as a jarring and frustrating viewer experience when a show you’ve invested twenty, thirty, forty hours dries up. Oddly, Colony (which I referenced above) was doing well in the ratings, was nearing its final planned season (four) when it got cut. Same thing happened to us with Dark Matter. And I haven’t been so sure that Killing Eve isn’t heading towards a similar storytelling cul-de-sac.

Part of me wishes that networks would sign an agreement with a show’s producer that the writers will provide (on some site somewhere) a synopsis of how a show resolves. That thought of Will sealed up in his soldier pod is really frustrating. I’d like to sit down with a page of notes from the writers of the show, detailing what the plans were for wrapping it up. They have to have some sort of sense of where they were going with all this, and I’d like a scent of the sense.

Of course, there is the problem of a series that might get renewed by another source. For example, The Expanse was dropped by one service and picked up by another. And Firefly, it went on to have its own movie (which resolved some of our questions but not all of them). If the writers publish their spoilers, the chance of getting a stay of execution dwindles.

So I can see problems with that. But then again, there is Katie standing there, watching as a multi-megaton orbital weapon glasses a good part of an entire city.

Sure like to know what happened next.