Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

I knew it was going to rain today. Right there in the weather forecast – couldn’t miss it.

Rode anyway.

How to explain this? Can’t tell you. Of course, there was a late afternoon meeting that went on until 5:45pm. Rain’s hitting the window, it’s dark as pitch, and everyone is gassing their way through everything they can possibly say. Finally, done.

I go out as the woman who sits near me is leaving. She’s shaking her head at my madness – of course, she also told me about her recent white-water rafting expedition and how they flipped (twice). You’d think she might get it.


So now I’m on the bike, up on the crest of the loading dock ramp, looking out over a parking lot brush-flecked with rain. No joke, it’s coming down hard. I cast about a final time; lights are all on, safety gear tight, saddlebag flaps folded over the zippers.Tightened my grip, pushed off, accelerated down the ramp into the driving rain. For a second, it’s cold.

Then it’s all right.

I ride home enjoying the play of light from the stalled lines of cars on Maitland and I-4, beautiful in a way.

Downspouting water off my helmet, shoulders, nose, I lean into the maelstrom…