Chasing Fire (guest review)

Chasing Fire (guest review)

Lynn Perry is a dear friend and a writer, and at one time a co-worker (in my rocket-scientist days). I love how she thinks and what makes her purr. And she’s getting her own little fanbase for her reviews. Enjoy her latest recommendation…

e all know there are brave individuals out there risking their lives fighting forest fires. 

That, however, is all most of know.  Although we read about fire fighters, see TV news clips of smoke jumpers, and pilots dropping retardant, most of us have no idea of the real job they perform.

In her direct, exacting, and informative style, Nora Roberts takes you inside the lives and the forces that propel these brave men and women to embrace such danger day after day.  Heroes that eat ash, breath smoke, live on energy bars and push their minds and bodies to the limit of endurance.  Week after week, during the hot, dry and windy summer months, they risk their lives daily to save humans, animals, and our precious forests from the destructive force of fire.  Experience the agonizing training, the pounds of life saving gear, and the strategy and skill involved in parachuting into the safe zone or ending up in the mouth of dragon blazing below.

Follow an elite group of Montana fire fighters as sabotage adds an additional element of evil to their already dangerous occupation.  Learn about a career, the majority of us can’t even imagine undertaking…


p.s This also marks my first entry using the new letter set I found. Unfortunately the set wasn’t complete (including, sigh, the W) but I found some close ones. I’m neurotic enough that it bugs me...smiley