ClubLog – ONT – 4/1/2015

ClubLog – ONT – 4/1/2015

ome folks in the club wanted this blogged, so here you are.

It’s been a weird April 1st today. I played a couple of pranks today, one of them on the club (a freeway was coming through). I was pretty proud of myself – I find myself so very amusing.

Worked at the club. Did a little scenery and a lot of club maintenance – trash goes out, filters swapped, vinegar down the drain, doodah, doodah. So now it’s getting late and time, perhaps to leave.

First problem – we’ve got a short on the main across Bethlehem. For some reason, something is clicking the booster. We swept the track, I ran a roof-nail magnet over it, we did everything. But still – click click click. We swapped out the PM42 but that wasn’t it. Next week, a booster swap out. Then it’s drop a wire, check for a short, all night long. Hoo boy.

Anyway, we were just giving in up abject failure. Bruce had already left. Imagine our surprise when, five minutes later, he’s back with the tale of driving his car into the ditch. Yes, right in the entrance. The how and why, you’ll have to ask him. All I know was that night owls went out and there was his Prius looking like a cute little Titanic, down by the bow, it’s rear end up in the air. Yes, he’d really sunk it. The good news was, a tow truck happened past moments later. The bad news – he couldn’t get around behind Bruce to pull him out (the entrance was blocked and we’re pretty moated. Eventually Bill brought his Avalanche over and we jury rigged a tow cable (I had no faith in this holding and got way, way back). It was a little MOW-railroady, the headlights, the car in distress, the cable, the crews standing around. And with a gentle tug, we managed to get him out of the hole and back on the road.

The good thing is that every member in this club has their own personal “story”. Looks like Bruce has his now. Keep it between the ditches, Pal!