Collectables (DOG EAR)

Collectables (DOG EAR)

s a member of a train club, about every couple of weeks someone comes in with a loved-one’s trains (usually stuff from the 80s or 90s) and asks if we are interested. And we usually aren’t (unless it’s free, and even then). Things (and technologies) change. Owning something old from a hobby isn’t necessarily better. That’s how it is.

Still, this turned and bit me the other day. In the eighties I used to read comic books. I remember living in York PA at the time, and of walking over to the comic shop before swinging past the farmer’s market. Then I’d sit in my bright sunny apartment, munch on sugar cookies and read the latest issues of the various stories I followed. Misspent youth, right?

Well, now we’re trying to simplify our lives and one of the things we want to do is to get rid of our storage area. And in there, I have all those comics I read over two decades, all neatly secured in boxes, all kept in climate controlled conditions for twenty-five years. All I need to do is sell them and move on.

Not that easy.

Went to what is reported as the best place in town to sell with a box of various titles. Stood back while the shop’s exert thumbed through the issues. Was wondering how much I would make and how I could bring him further boxes.

“Not interested.”

I was shocked and a little saddened by this (imagine the classic dollars with wings thought-image). He did go on to tell me that none of my titles from so long ago would be recognizable (or even attractive) to current readers. I was truly surprised by this – I even had Frank Miller’s Sin City, which had been made into a movie not so long ago.

Depressing to hear that the stories and tales of my early life are no longer relevant. Thirty years of careful storage and for nothing. At least I didn’t screw around with that bagging bit.

Does anyone every make money at the collectables they clutch through decades? Are there still storage bins full of Beanie Babies? Do you even know what those are? Probably not.

I think the only collectable I’m hearing about that still brings any money in is vinyl records, and who knows how long that will last.

After getting over my dismay, I figure I’ll have to catalog what titles and issues I have. Then I’ll post them on Facebook for offers. I’ll even look for Facebook groups dealing  with comics.

I don’t want to make a mint at this – I just want to make getting rid of these old favorites worth the effort. Otherwise, all those classic comics are going to be tipped into the recycle bin.

Watch this space (or my Facebook page) for details.