ConvLog – Open House 2 – 8/1/2017

ConvLog – Open House 2 – 8/1/2017

o how do you get ready for a visit from a busload of modelers at your club? In this case, John L. and I were up a ladder, replacing that troublesome light in the afternoon heat.

Bunch of the regulars showed up at DQ, where we had a chucklefest talking about the session the night before. Then we went over, set up trains and got ready for action.

This time, the bus driver evidently had not checked his route. First he missed the entrance and went touring down the street. Then he tried to hook a fifty-foot bus around a 90 degree turn on a two lane road. I couldn’t watch – I was sure he was going to tip it into the ditch and there would be dozens injured and our club would look bad. But after all that he got onto the property, we got everyone in the door and the boys launched their trains (all eastbound this time, thankfully).

Not much to say. Everyone seemed to enjoy our ambiance, our modeling, and our effort. Lots of questions about how we got the building and how we don’t owe money on it. Several people said they were looking forward to running with us Thursday (attention all members – respond to the ops session at the club!). So it’s building up to that crescendo.

Tomorrow, we build a sectional layout in the convention center and then stage the railroad for our next session. Here we go. The shit just got real.