ConvLog – Open House – 7/30/2017

ConvLog – Open House – 7/30/2017

kay, first thing – these entries are going to be short. We’re facing a very busy week and I’m not going to use up all my vowels in the first few days.

So, first bus tour – I think that everyone who signed up to staff showed (thankee kindly, there). Mom Shawn came up with a platter of cookies, brownies and fruit. Everyone set up to run east, just parading for the masses (except one guy who didn’t get the memo wink). A couple of hiccups and the booster maxed right before the bus showed, but we held our breath and ran things. Overall I think we did really well. Felt bad that one couple came because they heard we “modeled” Bound Brook. Told them, well, maybe not “modeled” (more like “acknowledged”). But overall, it was a lot of fun.

I heard we hosted forty-one (or three) people. They clean off our plates and signed our book. They even stole JW’s bumbershoot (wait, strike that). Lots of fun.

Tomorrow, we’ve got ops at seven, five guests signed up. We do a quick chat at 7pm and roll after that. Dinner is at DQ at 5:30 – bolt your food and run for your engines. Remember, engines and throttles, guys!

One day down!