Days of plague and the new media (DOG EAR)

Days of plague and the new media (DOG EAR)

o for last week’s column, I wrote something about people forcing their phone media on you. That afternoon, I met three crazy ex-work ladies at Applebees and hung out with them for about four hours. As we bid each other goodnight, little did I imagine how different everything would be a week later.

Now we’ve been staying homeside for about five days. Very quiet. Been working on my games and my writing. Still doing bike rides. Even took the wife out on the tandem to a small park where we ate dinner on a bench, just to get out of the house.

Still, it’s dismaying that so many people are still out and about, still meeting with friends in restaurants and bars. Here in Orlando, Disney closed with a massive park-packing finale that did more to pass the plague along than areal spraying could have achieved.

And this is in a society that has more media available than any other culture, now or before.

With eReaders, you have entire bookstores available online. And for those of more active car-explosion styles of media, the various streaming services give you access to more video than you can watch in a lifetime. And that’s weird – people love to binge-watch until they are asked to do it. Then they can’t stick to their houses and have to go interact with others and kill off the elder generation. It’s hardly even a challenge, really. I’ve had tougher Lents.

But anyway, for my own status report, I’m currently reading The Dog Who Could Fly, having just finished The Sky Lords. For video, we’re working through the grim end of HBO’s Chernobyl, which is a strange look at what happens what disaster strikes and the political machine is slow to react (sound familiar?). And then there is Mr. Inbetween, a wonderful Australian crime drama with a just-released second season. And then there is The Legend of Korra, a long-term project to get my wife into the whole Avatar-thing (and yes, she does like it). And on my own, I’m watching Code Geass, a crazy anime.

Like I said, it’s like being locked in the Library of Alexander to avoid a plague. You’d think you’d be able to find something to read, no?