Dead Slow (DOG EAR)

Dead Slow (DOG EAR)

ell, this is ironic.

You’d think that during the greatest pandemic we’ve seen in a century, in a house loaded with all the books I could ever want (and all my old favorites) I’d be burning through titles. But experience has proven otherwise.

My primary issue is that I’ve been very busy. I’m experimenting with Squiffy Gamebook programming. And dental surgery has gotten in the way of everything. Then there are all those bike rides I’ve been making (I’d gotten pretty fast, now that my lack of junk food has shed some pounds). And with live streaming, I’ve gotten through a bunch of series, everything from My Hero Academia to Black Sails. I’ve got a comic collection to sell. I had a railroad to clean – did it but now I’m out of cleaning alcohol. And then there are evening on various video meetings, either dinner with family or Scurvy Dice night.

I think the biggest killer was the lack of evenings out. See, my wife and I have a curious custom. After thirty-one years of marriage there isn’t a lot that needs to be said. So, a couple of times a week we’d go out for a simple meal (Wendy’s  or Arby’s or whatever). We’d order our food and share a quiet evening reading. Generally near the end of the meal we’d share moments from our books, a mini book club of sorts. It was relaxing and I’d get three to four hours of reading a week from that. But that’s all gone now; the engines are offline and helm is not responding. Now reading is when I carve time from other things. It’s how it goes.

So I guess that’s how the CORVID-19 virus has impacted me. Less reading. Sounds counter-intuitive to me. I hardly noticed it with all the life-changes except I kept coming up dry for Sunday reviews. But don’t worry – I’m nearly done with a historical novel that should be posted in time.

See you Sunday!