Demon (Review)

Demon (Review)

nd now we are at the third and final book of the Gaea Trilogy, Demon, the last of John Varley’s famous scifi work from the late seventies/early eighties. I’ve brought you Titan and Wizard, and now this.

So Cirocco Jones, one time space captain, one time wizard for the floating bio-wheel Gaea, has finally gotten herself cleaned up and back on the rails. And Gaea, living goddess, she is descending into madness, now taking on the role of a fifty-foot tall model of Marilyn Monroe. Yes, it’s come down to this.

Gaea now lives in a fortified film lot, Pandemonium, producing epic after epic in finest hollywood style. And Chrocco, she’s taken over a city of human outcasts, tooling it up into a base for operations in the coming offensive against the living goddess. All around the rim, buzz bombs watch, zombies shamble, humans train, everything heads towards war. Eventually the march against Pandemonium begins. It’s an epic war, filled with death and fire and heroics. The air is filled with jets fighting buzz bombs, hidden allies and enemies arise, it’s a war fit to send shock waves racing around the hub.

It’s a fine end to the saga I’ve re-enjoyed from years back, this epic scifi on the grandest of scales. Reading this reminded me what scifi can be when it’s not all dystopian Earths and space empires. It is humanist and thoughtful and interesting. I cannot recommend this entire series enough. And I recall even seeing it a while back on Barns and Noble‘s shelves. It shouldn’t be difficult to run down.

So play it safe. Get Titan, the first book, and try it. See if it grabs you and pulls you in. It did for me. Trust me.