Desperate (DOG EAR)

Desperate (DOG EAR)



write something

think think think think

something that happened


what it means

think think think

write something anything something anything

the only goddamn reason this page is filling up is that its double-spaced. how can i write several paragraphs about something when i don’t know what to write about? has anything happened? book in the mail? amazon intrusion? witty phrase?

richard adams died. but nobody knows what watership down is. and I’ve already bitched about that one two years ago.

crap, but the bottom of the page is a long way off.

so this is writing. having to fill a page twice a week with stuff. one book review. one writing column. day in day out.

this piece i came up with after posting my last reserve dog ear and wondering what to do next. i thought of this and i thought of that. then i realized that i could capture the stream of consciousness, riding the brain waves, capturing the thought process. and so this whole unorganized effort found a purpose. for non-writers, you could see the process in the raw. for writers, you could appreciate the effort, knowing what it’s like to fill a page when energy is low and emotions flat. we all go through this.

and so now i have the eye-catching intro, the draw-in of the gimmicked confusion, the tie-up of purpose and reason. and this is the point, the entire reason i did this. i think it worked.

one thing remains.

clever closing.

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