Destroyermen 10: Straits of Hell (Review)

Destroyermen 10: Straits of Hell (Review)

eah, yeah, another Destroyermen book. I’m over the halfway point now.

So our Alternate-World-War (starting when an aging destroyer fell into a primitive world where dinosaurs never went extinct) continues on the allies’ front lines. In the west at the former Grik capitol, the Grik ready a counterattack across the strait between Madagascar and Africa. And over in South America, the Doms prepare to strike the allied base. There is a bit of synergy in the storytelling. In both cases, a massive force looms over the good guys. And as very typical in Taylor Anderson’s story, it seems to always end with friend unexpectedly showing up to tip the battle right at the pivotal moment. While fun to read, you can almost set your watch on it, it’s so predictable.

And if I was complaining, I’d have to mention that the bad guys always seem to have amazing levels of production. The first books of the set had us following the allies as they slowly developed their technologies. And then when the bad Grik lose literally a hundred ships in a battle, they have another hundred ready to go a few months later. I was particularly baffled when the Japanese allies of the Grik not only developed them airships (their losses were predictably horrific) but now, somehow, between last book and this one, came up with a squadron of fighter plains.

Yes, I’ve seen this before. This occurs in computer games when the computer cheats.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love the Destroyermen series. Just seems like the enemy can replace so quickly, where the heroes are always on a shoestring.

Anyway, great book all in all.