Destroyermen 4 : Distant Thunders (Review)

Destroyermen 4 : Distant Thunders (Review)

hese aren’t really spoilers, what I’m about to say. Sure, if you are midway through book 3 (Maelstrom), it may spoil the final battle. But as I will review here, this should help you become more interested in this wonderful storyline.

So USS Walker’s big battle in Baalkpan Bay does come at a cost. After all that murderous shot and shell, the proud WW2 destroyer (who has come to this strange world through a dimensional rift) wins the day, limps back to the repair dock yet settles on the bottom just short of the pier. Add to the fact that the water in these parts is loaded with all sorts of killer fish and you’d think Walker was done for.

But thanks to the ingenuity of our lemur allies, a drydock is established, the water pumped out and the ship tended to. If you’ve never thought of what it would be like to clean, restore and refloat a destroyer, the first third of the book will spell it out for you. Fascinating!

Meanwhile, the four ships from the Eastern Empire are nosing about port, trying to learn what they can about this strange alliance between lemurs and humans, and the actual risk presented by the reptilian Grik to the west. So Captain Reddy and his growing cast of characters take a task force west, to engage and drive the Grik back. In their company is the leader of the Empire’s squadron, the stick-up-his-ass Captain Jinks. But even as Jinks realizes the total threat to the west, his own side (back in  Baalkpan Bay) are coming up with mischief on their own.

The fourth book of the series is a fine addition, introducing a new force (beyond the Empire, with a fascinating back-story of its own) as well as the danger as the Grik begin to rethink their strategies. There is character development, plot advancement, wonder and, of course, thrilling sea battles, so it’s worth your look. I’ve really enjoyed this series until now and look forward to reporting on the fifth book in  a couple of weeks.