Destroyermen 5 : Rising Tides (Review)

Destroyermen 5 : Rising Tides (Review)

o now I’m into the fifth of the Destroyermen series – only about ten more to go. And it’s been a long haul.

As I mentioned elsewhere, Taylor Anderson’s unique series involves a four-stacker destroyer, plucked from early World War Two and placed in a world where humans occasionally fall into (where maybe the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs didn’t). Everyone thinks Final Countdown when they hear me speak of it.

Anyway, the book continues to expand. It’s funny, but looking back to the first book, we only had a puny little map of the sea around Java. As Captain Reddy and his plucky crew continue to explore the world, the maps in each continuing book get larger and larger. Now the area of battle involves the Griks (those nasty lizard people) to the west, and our newfound allies (the Empire, a set of English survivors in Hawaii) against the Dominion (Castilian castaways off a Manila galleon) along the Central American coast. With aircraft being developed, the Japanese from the Amagi assisting the Grik, and those evil Dons combining corrupted Catholicism and Aztec sacrifices, and even an exploding volcano, well, there are lots of story paths to explore. I continue to enjoy this series.

So yes, I’ll keep at it, slipping other books in between those of this series to keep things fresh. But yes, if you are looking for something to try, pick up the first of the set (Into the Storm) and check it out.