Destroyermen 6: Firestorm (Review)

Destroyermen 6: Firestorm (Review)

o the war in our strange new world that a WW2 destroyer finds itself in continues to heat up. In the west, a blockade in Southern India goes horrible wrong when the Grik blow up their transports, disabling two of the good guys’ ships and driving them ashore. In the east, in Hawaii (or rather, the New Britain Isles) finds Captain Reddy and his command fighting the traitorous “Company” and it’s twisted Dominion priests in New Ireland. Add to the fact that you’ve got a massive fleet of transport moving towards San Fransisco (a New Britain colony), well, all the heroes have their hands full.

It’s getting so that I need a list of characters to keep everyone straight.

Of course, the big surprise that the Japanese under the Grik have developed airships is kinda given away by the cover art (which shows Zeppelins with rising-sun icons on their side bombing the USS Walker (which really didn’t happen) gave it away. What they didn’t show on the cover is what happens when some rebuilt P-40s attack hydrogen-sacked airships with 50 cals (even their conservative double-guns (rather than the full complement) was deadly).

So yes, a fun read.

Overall, the series continues to be enjoyable. I’m hoping that Anderson finds an end to all this by his last book (ten or more out there). I’d hate for this to “Netflix” and end at midpoint. Too many stories stop short.

Thumbs up on this one.