Destroyermen 8: Storm Surge (Review)

Destroyermen 8: Storm Surge (Review)

eesh. So here we are on book eight of this series. The world (and cast of characters) keeps expanding with the realization of the existence of a new race (South Africa), mounted riders led by (of all things) a Czech (in Northern India) and a crazy change to our world over in the Dominion area (over in South America). So we resolve India and the double stalemate there (and nobody seems happy about it), our wonder weapons – those P-40s – finally get deployed (that was fun). And the crazy Silva gets to break more things (as he is prone to do). This time, it’s a major surface ship. So there you go.

Yes, this book series is my guilty pleasure. I’d loaned out the first book to someone and nobody seems to have it so I had to lay out some bucks to get one of the few remaining copies. It now sits on my shelf, and I’ll be much more careful loaning things out in future. Lesson learned.

BTW, even if you are tired of seeing these reviews, guess what? Taylor Anderson came up with another series in the same world – one where an American artillery group in the Spanish-American war ends up in South America, over in Dom-land. I’m wondering how that one is going to play out. But it will be a while – I’ve still got something like eight more of these mothers to read.

Stay tuned.