Destroyermen 9: Deadly Shores (Review)

Destroyermen 9: Deadly Shores (Review)

ou’ll notice that I’ve picked up reviews again. With my two week vacation in Amsterdam and my blogging about it, I really didn’t have time for book reviews. Well, I’ve got a stack to get through so even though it’s late, let’s get started.

So Taylor Anderson’s Deadly Shores is the ninth book in the Destroyermen series. In this one, the world gets bigger as we learn more about the reptilian grik locations in Africa, hints about another race further north along the western coast, and possibly more allies beyond the South American Dons. Yes, the book is busy. Unlike the Ark Royal series, we don’t just fight an alien race, resolve it and then fight a new one, we just keep accumulating them.

And so, this book focuses on two major engagements. The first is in South America where the allies land a force in a port city named Guayak and the evil Dons try to kick them out. This one is a very satisfying battle, as over-confident sneering Spaniards (from long ago) gloat and count chickens before they hatch when they attack a modern army in prepared positions, with air support at the ready. It doesn’t end well for them, but boy, was it fun to read.

The second involves the Allies attempting the Doolittle Raid on “Grik City” in Madagascar. And this one is a great study of “Mission Creep” – what is supposed to be an in/out raid becomes an attempt to storm the main palace and to possibly kill the Celestial Mother (the queen of the Grik). It is interesting to see how it unwinds and what losses they suffer for their over-extensions (I’ll say this – a main character dies).

So anyway, the Alternate World War continues with more and more races involved and a dozen pages or so of character listings. Yes, it is quite a series.

More to come. I’m already reading the next.