Doldrums (DOG EAR)

Doldrums (DOG EAR)

his isn’t writer’s block. At least I don’t think so.

There was an old Odds Bodkins comic (a Berkley counter-culture strip from the late 60s) where a character mumbles that it’s Monday and his brains are in the basement. I’ve always remembered that and it comes to mind now while considering a Thursday blog. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing. Nothing creative comes to mind.

It’s like that with game writing. I’m still adding functionality and adventure to StoreyMinus. During the day, I’ll be so excited to add new stuff to my adventures, like old bomb shelters (complete with a scattering of bones and a crashed German bomber) and the London Underground. And once I’m home, once I’ve had a beer and watched some anime and had my dinner and finally sat down at my desk, nothing. I just don’t feel like coding. I just don’t feel like anything.

So this is my fallback. When I don’t feel creative, I just write about increativity. I’m sure I’ve done this trick before. But for writers who must produce, it’s hard to deviate from your novel of love on the moors of Ancient Scotland and have your characters chat about writer’s doldrums. (“Ah ken no understand it. I jus’ dinna feel like writing today”). But what you can do is organize. One trick I did while story-writing was that if the ink wasn’t flowing, I’d go back and look at some of my earlier chapters. Read through it. Clean it up. And maybe it will get your quill quivering and ready for scribing. See, it worked for me here. I couldn’t think of a thing to write and now I’m going like gangbusters.

So yes, if you can’t write, you can always edit. Or straighten your desk. Or change a printer cartridge.

Just do something!