Domination with Syllables (DOG EAR)

Domination with Syllables (DOG EAR)

noticed that a lot of people, for whatever political, societal or self-aggrandizing agendas they are promoting, dominate a conversation with syllables. Syllables require a specific sound, slowing down conversation and stalling the dialog on their very important word. I first noticed this when people started bragging about their monstrous fuel-sucking leviathans, the sport-utility-vehicle. The SUV. Say this out loud: “I just purchased a new SUV.” Notice how much speaking the last word locks the conversation there, making you wait for them to relinquish speaking to you (if only that you can praise their consumptive consumerism).

This isn’t just that.  It used to be that the race originating from Africa was known as “colored” or “black”. But now it’s “African American”. Suddenly we go from one syllable to seven. Conversation stalls. The point of this word set couldn’t be more obvious if you underlined it. Talk about race issues and you are spending a lot of time on that phrase.

Look, I live in a gay (one syllable) neighborhood. It’s laid-back and casual. I love it here. But the entire LGBTQIA+ is, frankly, idiotic. The title keeps growing. Who has time to work across a letter string with only two vowels (and as they are spoken as letters, they might as well be syllables)? I refuse to use this label. Be whatever you wish to be, but don’t clutter up conversation and (frankly) waste my time with such an obvious obstruction.

I find it interesting that the man I honestly will have nothing to do with, Donald Trump, brands himself as “Trump”. Short. Decisive. Simple. I don’t know why it works but it does. His followers adore it – it speaks of simple honesty (not going to comment on that). But really, the LGB-whatever people could possibly take note of this. Really, their image could use a bit less obviousness in self-importance.

Don’t be mad at the messenger. I’m just pointing out one of the many ways language works. And if you are going to invent a word for your cause, keep that in mind.