Drive (Review)

Drive (Review)

his one comes from the collection of short stories in The Expanse universe, all balled together in Memory’s Legion. It’s a collection of all the short stories and novellas the two writers who make up “James S.A Corey” have published in various platforms. But I’d not wanted to buy them for a device – I wanted paper. And now, thank God, I’ve got it!

So Drive is the story behind Solomon Epstein and the creation of his ship drive that allows humans to spread out across the solar system in an easy and economic way (and not the months and years it until now took). The only problem with this drive is that, when he tested it out in a small yacht over Mars, the thing lights up at double digit gees, burning for a long, long acceleration outward, leaving the two worlds of men (Earth and Mars) in his flaming wake, pinning him to his seat. He can’t stop it, and the ship won’t fail, and so he’s doomed, riding the touch of his accidental breakthrough out of the system.

But it’s interesting, with Sol dealing with the crushing pressure, the mini-strokes, the tearing and flattening of his body. And in this torture, we learn his backstory, about how he met his wife, the life they shared. And now it’s done. She will have his notes, and the fortune it will bring. Humanity will have the expanse. And Solomon Epstein, he will still have his drive, burning brightly on his outbound journey, pushing into an impressive fraction of the speed of life, forever beyond recovery.

So what did I think? Do you have to ask? After all, it’s The Expanse. And if you don’t know what I’m taking about, check out the first book, Leviathan Wakes. Yes, you’re welcome.