Drone (Review)

Drone (Review)

kay, no mistaking this – Drone is one of those male fantasy books. Troy Pearce, our main character, is the CEO of Pearce Systems, a company that makes and flies drones for all circumstances including whale tracking and political assassinations. He apparently spends his time up in a cabin, running his company with occasional online meetings and mostly chopping wood (with his shirt off). His officers are all eclectic individuals who do their own research from various beaches around the world. No TPS reports. No budgets. No investor meetings. Everyone is sexy and provocative and perfect.

The villains are pretty much mooks who have it coming – in this case, narco-banditos backed by an Iranian agent. The way it runs is that the Mexican drug cartel pulls off an atrocity, and Pierce and his gang retaliate with techo-procession. And on it goes, bloodshed for bloodshed.

The book concealed its true target audience until the second half – leftists are shown as being the Occupy crowd, all huddling in their tents and swapping STDs. The right, well, they are all just undescribed disgruntles with their confederate flags and such. The part that made me blink was when the president restored the “Drill Baby Drill” chant, right before declaring that fifty targets (many of them American citizens on American soil) were not classified as terrorists and could be drone-hunted and killed like the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not to draw too fine a line here, but does this seem like a massively illegal act to evoke? We have a mention of the ACLU distressed – I’ll bet they would be. And I can only imagine if those powers (the book’s Republican President is pretty much 45) were granted to the actual 45, and what would have been the bloody outcome? Anyway, I guess this means I’ve outed myself in placing the political position of this novel. If that sort of thing is okay with you, then fine, yes, read it.

Overall, I did like the technology (both in the drones and the NSA surveillance abilities). In this, Mike Maden does a good job in making the tech interesting (and fun to watch, regardless of how it’s deployed). So hey, I picked this one up out of a book exchange last year and finally got around to reading it. You want it, maybe we can swap. I’m always looking for something leftist – maybe Watership Down or something of the sort.