Droning on (DOG EAR)

Droning on (DOG EAR)

inda an observation on media thing today.

During my surgery recovery, I’ve taken to playing with my new drone (well, disclosure, my second new drone. The first wild-blue-yondered on me). Anyway, its a Snaptain SP350, and no, no camera. It’s more of a tiny RC plane you can fly around your back yard (except, unlike a plane, you can hover and do all sorts of wacky things with it). If you are looking for a good drone for under $40, this one is your best choice. Flies out of the box.

But it’s made me more aware of drones. Sure, Amazon isn’t doing drone delivery (yet). And outside of that, I haven’t given much thought to them. But recently I was reading a railroad magazine and I noticed something – half the shots are now drone shots. Those photos that daring photographers used to take by sneaking onto railroad property? Now they are stunning look-down shots of trains in stations, trains in mid-bridge, trains from all sorts of dynamic angles.

More so – there is a community that posts YouTube videos of trains. Same thing – there was one about an ore train that needs to back out onto a high trestle as part of its move. Not only was the drone able to get a lot closer than the human was, but the drone could peek inside the hopper cars and see just how they were loaded (level, grade, all that).

I suppose that every so often, each of us suddenly realize that, with the rate of change around us, we are suddenly living in our own futures. And as I flip through online videos, I’m taken by the imagery now achievable.

Side note – I’ve also seen that there is software that can write blogs for you. And that’s why I include the occasional typo and misspelling. That way, you are assured of my authenticity. This is a true human blog, served piping hot!