Came home from the club last night to find a new guest in the house. While driving to the gym, my wife had found a stray kitten on the side of a busy highway. Thunderstorms were coming in. Night was falling. She did the right thing – stopped, fetched it, brought it home.

It was a yellow kitten, its eyes barely open, with flees and hardly any meat on its bones – you could hold it in your palm. JB did what she could – fed it milk from an eyedropper. We kept it in the bedroom in a box all night. When it got cold, we’d drop a hand over it to warm it. It actually climbed into my palm (see above) to sleep. So cute. So helpless.

And some coward decided that rather than drop an unwanted kitten at the vet, they’d just drop if off and let a car or the heavy rains absolve them of their responsibilities.

Honestly, is there any doubt where the pain and suffering of the world comes from?

I’d love to have kept it – it was cute as a button. But we have Mookie, another pound cat, and she’s a twice-adoptee (the first time, she was returned because she doesn’t get along with other cats – at all). We were strongly told that with Mookie, our house was a one-cat house.

So we took the kitten to the animal shelter and dropped her off (can a better deed feel any worse than this?). Still, its chance of survival went from 0% (it wouldn’t have survived a night out on a rainy busy highway) to whatever chances cute kittens enjoy at the shelter. I wish it well.

And I wish the burning depths of Hell for the coward who dumped it.