Early ReTyrement – Kindlized!

Early ReTyrement – Kindlized!

It’s been a rush of a weekend. I’ve got a train show, an out-of-town trip and publication all going on at once. Anyway, got the Kindle version of Early ReTyrement finally up on Amazon (you can order it right HERE – go pick up a copy, we’ll wait).

Funny thing was: I don’t own a Kindle and wanted to test the version before shipping so I sent the file to my buddy Jesse to have a look. Told him to call me as late as it would take – I needed to know if it was fit for release. Anyway, I get a call at 11pm.

“Hi, it’s Jesse! Got your file and loaded it into the phone. Tested it and it SNAP CRACKLE POP click

And I’m left looking at my inert phone, shouting, “It’s what? What? Watson, come here, I need you!”

He rang right back, of course. The eVersion works fine. Five minutes after ringing off, I activated the version. By the next morning, it was posted up on Amazon.

Today, I found out how many potential readers have nooks.