East of Eden (Guest Review)

East of Eden (Guest Review)

ohn Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden is a must read for any avid reader. Published in 1952, the language and references still relate to chaotic world of the 21st century. My mind quickly relaxed into the gentle rhythm of the novel, thankful for the opportunity to spend more time reading and less time on Google just to understand the narrative.

Though Steinbeck’s writing style is simple, the underlying messages are complex and dense. To fully appreciate John Steinbeck’s masterpiece, one must prepare themselves for hours of contemplation on personal development and volition. Steinbeck artfully conveys a story that, by example, demonstrates why each individual must take responsibility for balancing the internal struggle within themselves and the array of consequences if they fail. If you so choose to take on the complex nature that makes us human, then you will follow the life of Adam Trask.  As the reader follows Mr. Trask on his adventures traveling the western frontier, falling in love, and family quarrels; he and every character he meets will eventually face their own inner darkness. Each with a puzzle piece to add to the complex puzzle Steinbeck tries to solve.

So whether you are looking for a novel that facilitates deep thought, or just an entertaining read, East of Eden should definitely be on your list.

Kirstin Raymond is ranked as a favored niece and an avid reader. This is the first of hopefully many reviews from this level-headed, always-smiling young lady.