Escape from Heaven (Review)

Escape from Heaven (Review)

uj Pepperman is a talk radio host working the LA market. He’s dealing with his usual wide range of crazy callers when, suddenly, God’s on the line.

This comes as a shock to Duj, of course.

He blows off the call but later he’s abducted by two beautiful angels, goes for a nice drive, and ends the evening duct taped in his car, abandoned by the angels, and sailing off a pier.

And he dies.

And reawakens in Heaven.

Turns out God wants a word. It turns out Lucifer wants to turn the end of the world into a populist vote. And God has created Duj, specifically, to run his own campaign. After this, Duj assembles a number of resurrected historic figure and the campaign is on.

The book is pretty funny in a lot of places. I even laughed out loud a few tomes. But political warning – it’s written by a Libertarian and carries that odd fragrance all the way through it. I’m not sure how I got my copy – and it’s signed! I thinking it’s from a Libertarian best friend as another gospel book (he’s got a track record here) but he doesn’t remember it. Regardless, I’ve got it. So be aware that his council includes people like Ayn Rand and there is a weird section where Thomas Jefferson explains why he hates gun control (I’m not sure what the point is of having guns when life is now eternal, when you can visit heaven and be visited by your late loved ones, where there is peace on earth and everything is really, really nice – and the ruler is (spoiler) God, do you think your AR15 will help you overthrow… him?) So, yes, the book is a little skewed that way.

And (God, if You are reading this review, please take note), let not authors boast about their awards and abilities in their own books. Steve King did that and pretty much sunk the Dark Tower series for me. Schulman does it too, and it’s damned uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just some sort of perverse fan service, but from an outsider looking in, it’s unnerving.

So, a clever book and probably enjoyable if you are left… right… whatever the hell Libertarians are.