Fall of Giants / Winter of the World (Guest review)

Fall of Giants / Winter of the World (Guest review)

Another guest review by my dear ol’ da. I’m stuck in the second book of the Thrones (why do I keep reading gigantic monster books?) So I’ll keep bringing in guests (and writing about old favorites) until I can get caught up. But anyway, here’s another book review for you…

The first two books of a planned trilogy that covers the first half of the 20th century. This twofer follows the members of five separate families (English, Welsh, Russian, German, and American)  as they experience love, wars, depression, revolution, and all the political currents that ran through this period. I have always found this particular period of history to be a most attractive setting for a broad historical treatment.  Follett has obviously researched deeply this era and takes you into the heads and various motives of all his characters.

Follett intertwines the lives of his principal characters and causes them to intersect at many points.  If the reader can accept the occasional coincidence that is a “bit much” then the books are a good read.  Each book is fairly long but each book is a complete story in itself and can be read without constant reference to the other one.

I have always had a soft spot for the well written family saga and here the author gives you the stories of five families which are all represented by the author’s many different voices, class prejudices, and political beliefs. He is especially strong in writing of the time between the wars when the National Socialists arose in Germany, England slept, and war was tested in Spain.

Also by Ken Follett: Pillars of the Earth.