Feedback (DOG EAR)

Feedback (DOG EAR)

‘m not a big fan of feedback. Feedback lead to the first iteration of this site (Joomla) having to be abandoned (because of weaknesses over time in the app used to allowed it). Now that I’m on WordPress, I’ve disabled it (but I’m still getting it – not sure how they are getting in on one book review).

Let’s face it; all content providers see their feedback area as being a coffee shop with polite conversations about the raised topics. And instead, they become roadhouses of belligerence and idiocy.

I don’t even engage in these sorts of discussions on Facebook anymore. Nothing like trolls (or worse, bots) attacking you (not on your points, but on their schoolyard zingers). I stay out of flame wars now. Too tiring.

I was surprised to see this video. This is a guy (CityNerd) who posts videos about Americans, cars and traffic. He apparently did a piece on pickup trucks and how American-silly they are (from an environmental and financial aspect). And of course we know most of the sorts of people who drive them, and the kind of defensive belligerence you’ll get from them (I say most, since of course I know a couple of decent pickup truck owners). But I have to say this; CityNerd handles it in the way I wish I could handle such things. I guess I have a glass ego. There there is a lesson on how to handle criticism in his poise. Worth a watch DOWN THIS LINK.

I gotta say he handled it a lot better than I would. And that’s why my comments section stays turned off.

Besides, do you really want to see the twenty Russian bot ads I used to get on my old feeds?