Fighting for the Crown (Review)

Fighting for the Crown (Review)

ezus! Ark Royal XVII. Who’d have thought that those five books I picked up at that used bookstore in Norfolk would have resulted in this, hundreds of dollars and pages, all to get through the several interstellar wars humanity has faced.

So you’ll remember the two characters from the last book, Captains Hammond and Campbell of the Lion and the Unicorn, night and day, thoughtful and bold, and seemingly totally unable to work with one another. Well, in this book, humanity is faced with a desperate situation – the virus which controls four races (that we know of) is building “catapults” (high tech which allows fleets to be “jumped” to other locations in the galaxy). The virus, in capturing humans, has learned of this trick. And now they are building them. Unrestricted by a normal economy, the virus has built twenty or more of these monsters, all within range of Earth. And the humans have come up with a clever ploy to use this in their own desperate offensive. Assembling a vast fleet (including Lion and Unicorn) the desperate gambit is launched. Planets are sterilized. Huge battles are fought. And the infamous stern chases so common in the Ark Royal  take place. It’s all fun and games, heroics and last-second saves. Great read.

But what happens between the two main character, Hammond and Campbell, really gives the series an interesting spin.

Yes, I’m asking a lot of you to invest in this series, now nearly twenty books long (and filling my shelves). But I’m telling you it’s worth it. Not sure? Buy the first of the series, Ark Royal, and see if its for you.