Flatline (DOG EAR)

Flatline (DOG EAR)

o I’m a corporate schmoe.

I do process. I run scrums. I do planning. I do data-raids. I go to a lot, lot, lot of meetings. And I get a lot of interruptions.

The interruptions are the worst. Millennials don’t mind them as much (since their brains have grafted around their phones). To me, I’m thinking long-term. I’m organizing my thoughts and considering a problem from several angles and thinking of the best way to something and there’s the critical email, the phone call, the IM. And I can feel the blue smoke off my mental brake shoes, the howl, the shuddering stop. Dammit.

The good thing about my brain is that, while it is inflexible, it is also expansive. I’ve spent a long time in it. I’ve trained it to jump and do tricks. It’s fast and creative and imaginative. I don’t listen to the radio much in my car – I listen to my thoughts and plans and game-designs and writing-efforts and even, damn, farm reports. There is always something going on in my brain.

So yes, even when I’m sludging around through my day, burned out from four hours of meetings and it’s only just gone two, when I’m sitting here wondering what I can write about for DOG EAR in my much-delayed lunch break, there is always my brain. In this case, I stopped by my admins office to tell her that I might not be able to make a meeting with the big cheese because I had a birthday/going-away party with a good friend who is sadly leaving the team. I don’t want to rush back – I’m old fashion and want the lunch to live its natural life. So I was telling her I might not be back in time (suppressing my yawn) and she made a joke that I’d probably be drunk. And that kickstarted me – like the ancient computer in a movie that shudders into existence with a whirl of coolers and a crackle of Jacob’s ladders. Suddenly I was weaving a story about laying face-forward in a grimy alley, my face kissing the concrete and my butt in the air, my breath smelling like mad dog and my wallet gone. Yeah, we had a laugh and I walked back to my desk, my brain running with its usual spin and sparkle.

I guess kids do that with phones, right?