Fondly Fahrenheit (Review)

Fondly Fahrenheit (Review)

kay, I’ve got an audio book and a paper one both half-done for this weekend. My niece hasn’t come through on her promise to submit a review. I’ve got nothing.

A little poking around the net found a reference to one of the thirty greatest scifi shorts, a piece called Fondly Fahrenheit. Kinky. So I found it HERE (sorry about the format, but it will print okay and it isn’t that many pages). And I read it.

And I loved it.

First off, this piece was pretty raw for 1954 (when it was first published). I can see why people we’re shocked. People die in horrible ways. Children are left dead in muddy fields. Bodie are burned in ovens. All in about eleven pages. So it’s tight and it’s graphic. For the squeamish, be warned.

Further, it is delivered in a strange way. I hit page two and suddenly was confused by a grammatical error I discovered. But this problem continued to manifest itself, really confusing me. What the hell was going on? Why these occasional referential typos. But as the story ground onwards and the blood flowed, it became clear what I was dealing with. Painfully clear. Beautifully clear. Keep an open mind on this and just see where the story takes you. You’ll be amazed (and a little disturbed) by the ending of it.

I am quite fond of Fondly Fahrenheit. It’s a ten-minute classic you are sure to enjoy!